Longboard Classic #25 | 2024

Conditions were perfect for the anniversary event, with 25 cm of fresh snow falling on Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday was blue skies and sunshine.
On Saturday, more than 50 riders were in the tent at 7:00am to register. The rush continued and by 11am there were 610 riders. Half an hour before the race, all t-shirts and sweatshirts were sold out. Sometimes the line was 100 meters outside the tent. We were totally overrun. Sorry for the long wait!
The LBC anniversary book also sold like hot cakes. Paul could hardly move his hand at lunchtime because of all the signatures.
There was a fourth category this year: Legend World Tour, presented by Laurie Asperas. Due to the large number of participants, the race lasted almost two hours. The course went over the Mulde River to the mid-station restaurant, then down the drag trail into the gorge. This was the longest course ever.
There was a big raffle and auction at the awards ceremony. Lori Gibs auctioned off the Boerteun board for 845 Euros, which will be donated to Skate-Aid.
In the evening the Freeride Film Festival, Harry Putz, showed the Swiss TV DOK „Rebels in the Snow“ and a „Best of Absinthe Film“ with Patrick Armbruster.
Afterwards Mortal Combat and UCee heated up the crowd. Even an LBC 25th anniversary song was performed as a surprise. This weekend can’t be topped!

Longboard Classic #24 | 2023

We were a bit desperate when the snow had completely disappeared in the finish area, on the Monday before the event, as heavy rain killed all the snow.
But, like a fairy tale, it snowed 60 cm on Friday, with sunshine and perfect conditions for the event morning. Just in time for the award ceremony, it started snowing again.
Highlights were the visit of Tom Burt, snowboard legend from USA, and the auction where Kiwi raised the price of a Buerteun handmade board to a casual € 500. This was handed over to Titus by Skate-aid.org.
Harry Putz, from the Freeride Film Festival, was responsible for the evening program. What we got to see from Gigi Rüf and Tom Burt was world class.
Then it was time for Mortal Combat and UCee to rock the house until the morning hours.

Longboard Classic #21*** | 2022

Paul was the happiest person in the world because after three years of absence, due to covid regulations, over 400 peoples came to the LBC. Kiwi flew in from Biarritz to be the moderator. The airline lost his baggage, so Paul rented him underwear, socks and snowboard gear. The 800 T-shirts that were stored in the Hotel Post for 3 years sold out immediately.
The weather gods surprised us with 40 cm of the purest powder, so the original track was closed, and we had to do powder turns on the slopes. On Sunday we had an untouched Albona with blue sky. World-Class Weekend!

Longboard Classic #21** | 2021

At the beginning of 2021 we had hope in the worldwide vaccination program. But the Covid restrictions did not allow another LBC.
Border crossings into Austria were not allowed, so we celebrated in the Ski Resort of Hoch Ybrig, because Swiss ski resorts were all open. T-shirts still boxed at Hotel Post.

Longboard Classic #21* | 2020

Everything was organized, everything was ready. But then came COVID19. Three weeks before the LBC, Austria shut down on Saturday, 13th March, Arlberg area was under quarantine and all lifts were closed.
800 T-shirts stayed boxed in the basement of the Hotel Post. Lots of riders celebrated LBC at home!

Longboard Classic #20 | 2019

What a great 20th anniversary edition. 30 cm of fresh snow the day before, 16°c and pure sunshine. Stuben at its best. With 560 riders it was probably the biggest snowsurfing happening in the history of snowboarding, with an endless line of riders down the Albona.
UCee came with his band and rocked the tent supported by A NEW DAY, followed by Mortal Combat Crew. Paul calls himself “a Stubner”! We have proof that snowboarding is not dead! Long live snowboarding!

Longboard Classic #19 | 2018

With 150 cm base and 390 cm on the Albona peak, we had the best snow conditions ever. 470 riders enjoyed the sunny day.
Hawaiian Sandy brought 2 friends and Ishi flew in direct from Tokyo. Muck is a great entertainer and Peter Dresen asked his ex-wife to marry him again. The tent floor did NOT collapse at the party and Mortal Combat featuring UCee are the best DJs in the northern hemisphere.

Longboard Classic #18 | 2017

The LBC went legal – 18 years old. Jeff Brushie and his family came over to Austria for a LBC visit. The Snowboard Museum showed his board, and he was very nice signing all boards and taking pictures.
World traveller Sandy from Hawaii came riding with us and Bernie got another soul award for being such a special person. Rudi from the tourism office retired. New artist Nicolas Gremaud from France joined the crew and made his first design. Awesome and more to come.

Longboard Classic #17 | 2016

Sandy came over from Hawaii to meet the crowd and we had some awesome rides together the days before the event. Jim Magnusson played a slope concert for the starting racers; Hendrix couldn’t have done better.
Artist Nic Ripz did his last LBC T-shirt. Thanks Nic for the 17 years of support.

Longboard Classic #16 | 2015

The snow conditions were good, but the fog wasn’t what we expected. More than 400 from all over Europe came, including snowboard legend Peter Bauer. We had media people from Croatia and Italy.
Who cares about the weather!

Longboard Classic #15 | 2014

A dream come true: Our friend and one of the fathers of snowboarding flew over from California, CHUCK BARFOOT. We had a great week and Chuck was overwhelmed by the respect of the LBC crowd. Chuck is such a nice person. Without him we would not know what a twin-tip was.
Another surprise was the visit of Mike Jacoby. He heard about the event, booked a ticket and came to ride and party. Great spirit, great legend.

Longboard Classic #14 | 2013

“Love to ride” was written on the T-shirt and 432 riders did it on a great day, with blue sky and powder. Ride together and just have a good time.
Important to mention is that Ishi is flying over from Japan every year just to attend the LBC. Awesome and a true LBC legend of snowboarding.

Longboard Classic #13 | 2012

Blue bird and powder, lots of legends and awesome friends – another good day to celebrate the spirit of snowboarding.
The sad story was that Tom Sims died on September 12th. He wanted to bring his wife Hillary over the next year to spend some days with the bros. Rest in peace!

Longboard Classic #12 | 2011

On Friday afternoon the whole mountain came down in a huge avalanche. The weather was too hot, so we had to start between the middle station restaurant and event tent, raced down the slopes and ran the last bit through the Red Bull arch.
Super summer party mood, hardcore graffiti art and a wild party at night – as ever.

Longboard Classic #11 | 2010

The Woodstock of Snowboarding, on a perfect spring day. After 2 days of rehearsal in Paul’s band room the “LBC Allstar Band” was born. Shawn Farmer (vocals), Terry Kidwell (guitar), Bob Klein (drums), Paul Gruber (guitar), Klaus Fröis (bass) featuring Mike Chantry (camera). The song of the day was AC/ DC’s TNT renamed ‘LBC’. Farmer at his best! Right after the talented local band Darby & John rocked the place.
Check out the list of legends attending. The Italy mafia (Legend Dino Bonelli and friends) took the fashion award back to Italy.

Longboard Classic #10 | 2009

10-year anniversary, blue sky, lots of snow and legends from all over the world. Terry Kidwell (USA), Shawn Farmer (USA), Bob Klein (USA) rocked the stage with their band Hunk of Metal, supported by MUHA and Paul. This was the beginning of the WOODSTOCK OF SNOWBOARDING.
We had all-time legends like Mike Chantry (USA), Mike Basich (USA), Ishi Ishihara (Japan), Jose Fernandes (CH) as guest, and all the big European names like Titus Dittmann, Reto Lamm, photography legends Richard Walch and Xandi Kreuzeder. Thank you all for keeping the spirit of snowboarding alive.
We expected to stop our work after 10 years but saw the crowds’ eyes. Impossible. So, we promised at least another 5.

Longboard Classic #09 | 2008

LBC classic weather, cloudy with lots of fresh snow. 424 riders came to celebrate the spirit of snowboarding with legends like Serge Dupraz, Jose Fernandes, Ishi and more.
Jim Magnusson got the award for Rockstar on the Mountain and “One Arm Bandit” Bernie Duenas got lots of respect for his Albona run – he got stuck in the fog half way down.

Longboard Classic #08 | 2007

Kiwi hosted the start in a T-shirt, with green grass around the event tent in Stuben. Temperatures of up to 21°c in the afternoon brought a beach feeling to Stuben. Check out the pictures, like the Lagoon Session of Joe Waibel and friends. Probably something that Stuben only sees every 200 years.
The finish line was at the middle station and then the riders had to walk down to the event tent. The snow was gone for weeks but we heard people saying this was the coolest event ever.

Longboard Classic #07 | 2006

Finally, a blue sky and powder event. We got some fresh pow overnight and the sun came out early in the morning followed by spring temperature.
We had the pleasure to ride with Japanese Legend Kinya Nakagawa, gave out LBC shirts in different colours and threw out stuff from our friends ALPRAUSCH. Thanks Andy for the ride.

Longboard Classic #06 | 2005

The 2005 event was very cloudy, windy, and hard packed, but 434 riders, from all over the world, did not care and came to rock the Albona and meet friends.
The yellow LBC shirt and the Neon Award brought brightness into the event tent. Even the Blues Brothers were on site.

Longboard Classic #05 | 2004

The year of the penguin, and the first year we started the category, LBC OLD SCHOOL. It was fun to see that riders not only came for the race. They also came to meet friends, ride old stuff, wear neon and penguin costumes.
The LBC became the biggest snowboard event on the planet (by number of riders).

Longboard Classic #04 | 2003

Perfect conditions, great photos, video shooting and 342 friends: What a happy day’s riding with friends.
The film crew Elbpiraten, from Hamburg, directed by Thomas Eibenberger and friends, produced a high-class event movie and a booklet which we sent to all the participants (incl. a DVD). Remember, it was the year 2003, this was amazing!

Sadly, on January 20th, our friend Craig Kelly died in an avalanche, in Revelstoke, Canada.

Longboard Classic #03 | 2002

Hawaiian Leis, a professional event registration, starting numbers, snowfall and over 300 riders, from all over the world.
The 3rd Longboard Classic turned into a serious sporting event.

Longboard Classic #02 | 2001

At the second edition we had a very foggy day and it snowed almost 1 metre overnight. But 181 riders found their way to Stuben and were riding with friends.
Because of the high avalanche danger, we started at the middle station and spent most of the day in the restaurant.
It was the first time we gave out a legendary LBC T-Shirt, that year sponsored by Rad Air snowboards. The design was made by Nic “Ripz” Newton. His creative hand was responsible for the next 15 years of T-shirts and trophies. Thanks Nic.

Longboard Classic #01 | 2000

We developed the idea in winter 1999 at Jacky’s Restaurant, at the middle station. One year later 124 riders from all over the world gathered in Stuben powder heaven to pay tribute to the roots of snowboarding.
It was the very first LeMans Start in the Arlberg Aera, and the beginning of a yearly highlight to the Arlberg event calendar. The prize giving was held at Jacky’s Restaurant.
Red Bull and Alprausch believed in the idea and started supporting the LBC. MAHALO!

Our goals for the LBC were (and still are): No price money, meet friends from all over the world, keep the spirit of snowboarding alive, pay tribute to the LBC legends.
We didn’t have a T-Shirt that year.

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