Longboard Classic #09 | 2008

Longboard Classic #09 | 2008





LBC classic weather, cloudy with lots of fresh snow. 424 riders came to celebrate the spirit of snowboarding with legends like Serge Dupraz, Jose Fernandes, Ishi and more.
Jim Magnusson got the award for Rockstar on the Mountain and “One Arm Bandit” Bernie Duenas got lots of respect for his Albona run – he got stuck in the fog half way down.

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LBC Awards

LBC #9 05.04.2008 | 80-120 cm fresh | Total Riders: 424

LBC Master Women

Christine Innerhofer (Austria)
Susanne Arnacker (Switzerland)
Kathrin Kellenberger (Switzerland)
Nina Hitz (Switzerland)
Lorenza Ehler (Switzerland)

LBC Master Men

Ralf Castelberg (Switzerland)
Volker Weiss (Austria)
Christoph Jöchl (Austria)
Bernd Unterlercher (Austria)
Daniel Schöpf (Austria)

Old School Girls

Steffie Hartinger (Germany)
Heike Merbold (Germany)
Andrea Stuzmann (Germany)

Old School Boys

Gustl Schoberleitner (Austria)
Günther Stadlbauer (Austria)
Gerd Heser (Germany)

LBC Neon Award

Christian Greinwald (Germany)

Oldest Rider Awards

F: Daniela Wolf | 43 | Germany
M: Sigi Reinsbach | 61 | Germany

Youngest Rider

Linus Knapp | 11 | Switzerland

Oldest Board Award

Jonas Knecht (Switzerland), Sims 1982

Soul Master Award

Jim Magnusson (Sweden)
Bernie Duenas (Germany)


Serge Dupraz (France)
Jose Fernandes (Switzerland)
Andi Tanner (Switzerland)
Werner Früh (Switzerland)
Harry Gunz (Switzerland/Austria)
Ishi Ishihara (Japan)
Dani Kiwi Meier (New Zealand)

Longboard Classic 2008, il Woodstock dello Snowboarding

4action Report- the italian action sport magazin about LBC 2008


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