Longboard Classic #21*** | 2022

Longboard Classic #21*** | 2022





Paul was the happiest person in the world because after three years of absence, due to covid regulations, over 400 peoples came to the LBC. Kiwi flew in from Biarritz to be the moderator. The airline lost his baggage, so Paul rented him underwear, socks and snowboard gear. The 800 T-shirts that were stored in the Hotel Post for 3 years sold out immediately.
The weather gods surprised us with 40 cm of the purest powder, so the original track was closed, and we had to do powder turns on the slopes. On Sunday we had an untouched Albona with blue sky. World-Class Weekend!

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LBC Awards

LBC #21 | 02.02.2022

LBC Masters Women

1° Liz Kristoferitsch (Austria)
2° Babs Hemund (Switzerland)
3° Ruthie Goepel (Canada)

LBC Masters Men

1° Fabian Gunz (Switzerland)
2° Ralph Castelberg (Switzerland)
3° Matthias Jorda (Germany)

LBC Original / No School Women

1° Sarah Stieger (Switzerland)
2° Camilla Van der Borg (Netherland)
3° Ladina Hemund (Switzerland)

No School Men

1° Mambo Jonckheere (Belgium)
2° Claus Huber (Germany)
3° Volker Blepp (Germany

Old School Men

1° Matt Waibel (Switzerland)
2° Joe Waibel (Switzerland)
3° Gerd Heser (Germany)

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