Longboard Classic #24 | 2023

Longboard Classic #24 | 2023





We were a bit desperate when the snow had completely disappeared in the finish area, on the Monday before the event, as heavy rain killed all the snow.
But, like a fairy tale, it snowed 60 cm on Friday, with sunshine and perfect conditions for the event morning. Just in time for the award ceremony, it started snowing again.
Highlights were the visit of Tom Burt, snowboard legend from USA, and the auction where Kiwi raised the price of a Buerteun handmade board to a casual € 500. This was handed over to Titus by Skate-aid.org.
Harry Putz, from the Freeride Film Festival, was responsible for the evening program. What we got to see from Gigi Rüf and Tom Burt was world class.
Then it was time for Mortal Combat and UCee to rock the house until the morning hours.

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LBC Awards

LBC #24 | 15.04.2023

LBC Masters Women

1° Babs Hemund (Switzerland)
2° Liz Kristoferitsch (Austria)

LBC Masters Women

3° Camilla Van der Borg (Netherland)

LBC Masters Men

1° Leonardo Costello (Austria)
2° Andreas Vidowitsch (Austria)
3° Georg Kaspar (Germany)

No School Women

1° Sarah Stieger (Switzerland)
2° Christine Innerhofer (Austria)
3° Livia Waldburger (Switzerland)

No School Men

1° Mambo Jonckheere (Belgium)
2° Volker Blepp (Germany)
3° Simon Holzknecht (Austria)

Old School Women

1° Annik Frei (Switzerland)
2° Francesca Giacometti (Italy)
3° Barbara Mössmer (Austria)

Old School Men

1° Joe Waibel (Switzerland)
2° Matt Waibel (Switzerland)
3° Max Waibel (Switzerland)

LBC Special Award

Titus Dittmann

LBC Auction

The BOERTEUN Snowboards LBC#24 brought in 500 Euros which goes to the Skate Aid Project of Titus Dittmann.
Thanks so much to the proud new owner Family Brändle @ Aprés Post Hotel

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