Longboard Classic #01 | 2000

Longboard Classic #01 | 2000





We developed the idea in winter 1999 at Jacky’s Restaurant, at the middle station. One year later 124 riders from all over the world gathered in Stuben powder heaven to pay tribute to the roots of snowboarding.
It was the very first LeMans Start in the Arlberg Aera, and the beginning of a yearly highlight to the Arlberg event calendar. The prize giving was held at Jacky’s Restaurant.
Red Bull and Alprausch believed in the idea and started supporting the LBC. MAHALO!

Our goals for the LBC were (and still are): No price money, meet friends from all over the world, keep the spirit of snowboarding alive, pay tribute to the LBC legends.
We didn’t have a T-Shirt that year.

LBC T-Shirt

LBC Awards

LBC #01 2000 | Total Riders: 124

LBC Master Women

Verena Leisz (Austria)
Miriam Mosthaf (Germany)

LBC Master Men

Markus “Maggo” Strele (Austria)
Dani “Kiwi“ Meier (New Zealand)
Mathias Vils (Switzerland)
Ralph Castelberg (Switzerland)
Michael Bergauer (Austria)

YouTube Video | a snowsurfing TV documentary shown on CH TV in 1981 about Paul Gruber and friends

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