Longboard Classic #08 | 2007

Longboard Classic #08 | 2007





Kiwi hosted the start in a T-shirt, with green grass around the event tent in Stuben. Temperatures of up to 21°c in the afternoon brought a beach feeling to Stuben. Check out the pictures, like the Lagoon Session of Joe Waibel and friends. Probably something that Stuben only sees every 200 years.
The finish line was at the middle station and then the riders had to walk down to the event tent. The snow was gone for weeks but we heard people saying this was the coolest event ever.

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LBC Awards

LBC #8 | 21.05.2007 | 21° Celsius | Total Riders: 284

LBC Master Women

Christine Innerhofer (Austria)
Aline Bock (Austria)
Susanne Arnacker (Switzerland)

LBC Master Men

Ralph Castelberg (Switzerland)
Volker Weiss (Germany)
Michael Bergauer (Austria)
Christian Schnabel (Austria)

Old School Boys

Micki Früh (Switzerland)
Florian Knoblich (Germany)
Jakob Holub (Germany)

Old School Girls

Andrea Stuzmann (Germany)
Jule Magic Mungo (Germany)

LBC Neon Award

Kai Ingo Tonne (Germany)

Oldest Rider Awards

Uli – 54 (Germany)

Oldest Board Award

Gunter Stuzmann (Germany) with a Burton Performer 84/85

Soul Master Award

Ishihara Ishi Shigeru (Japan)

Youngest Rider

Linus Knapp | 10 | Switzerland

YouTube Video by munchie KONSILIUM / Muck Müller

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