Longboard Classic #20 | 2019

Longboard Classic #20 | 2019





What a great 20th anniversary edition. 30 cm of fresh snow the day before, 16°c and pure sunshine. Stuben at its best. With 560 riders it was probably the biggest snowsurfing happening in the history of snowboarding, with an endless line of riders down the Albona.
UCee came with his band and rocked the tent supported by A NEW DAY, followed by Mortal Combat Crew. Paul calls himself “a Stubner”! We have proof that snowboarding is not dead! Long live snowboarding!

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LBC Awards

LBC #20 | 06.04.2019 | Total Riders: 560

LBC Masters Women

1° Tina Zobel (Germany)
2° Ruthie Goepel (Canada)
3° Babs Hemund (Switzerland)

LBC Masters Men

1° Ralph Castelberg (Switzerland)
2° Matthias Jorda (Germany)
3° Franz Lebsanft (Germany)

LBC Original / No School Women

1° Bronky Scamboya (Slowakia)
2° Isabelle Müller (Switzerland)
3° Janina Maier (Germany)

No School Men

1° Gigi Rüef (Austria)
2° Mambo Jonckheere (Belgium)
3° TGeorg Wagner (Germany)

Old School Women

1° Caroline Pitter (Austria)
2° Dana Luhanova (Czech)
3° Magdalena Nindl (Austria)

Old School Men

1° Joe Waibel (Switzerland)
2° Matt Waibel (Switzerland)
3° Philipp Krogoll (Germany)

LBC No Binding

Marco Michael (Switzerland)

LBC Youngest Rider

Luc Kläusler (6), Switzerland

Ehren Urkunde Stuben

Paul Gruber

Pictures: Jochen Bauer / Playboard

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